During second semester, a class of level 1 E.L.L. students got together and took their learning outside the classroom. Under the guidance of Ms. Pedersen, they grew seeds and learned about what it takes to care for a garden. The students worked hard to create memoirs of their experiences. Below are some excellent examples of their writing. 
Seed - John David
It is a little seed but it has a big heart. Firstly, it needs you all the time. Secondly, it will make you feel responsible and loved. Lastly, it will give you something in return. It may be a little seed, but when it grows you will see the beauty of its outcome. A seed can be a tree, a vegetable, or grass. Every seed has a great purpose. To realize this purpose, you must take care of it. Every seed needs soil to live in and some water to keep the seed happy. Some soil was placed in plastic cups, pots, or in the ground. When our seeds grew up, they had roots, a stem, and leaves. Seeds are important and are the beginning of life. Some seeds survived and some did not. Do not let that happen. Take care of them and witness every moment of its life. Plant as many seeds as you can so the world can see it. 

Community Garden - Esther Saah
This is a story about our community garden. Firstly, before we planted the garden we made friendship flowers. The friendship flowers were made of paper and we wrote what we liked about our classmates. Then, Ms. Pedersen taught us about plants and we learned a few things about seeds and roots. Also, everyone chose what seeds they were going to plant. So we planted our seeds in clear plastic cups, so that we could see our seeds grow. After that, we watered our plants and watched them grow. When our plants got big enough, we took them outside but some of our plants didn't survive because we gave them too much water. Overall, the community garden is getting better because we are taking good care of it.  

Our Community Garden - Michaele Moges
Hi my name is Michael. This semester in Ms. Pedersen's E.L.L. class was great because we did lots of stuff together. Firstly, we made friendship flowers. We drew flowers on a piece of paper and then cut them out. Then we made leaves for the flowers and when we were done making them we wrote something we liked about our classmates. For example, if the person was nice we would write that they were a nice person on their flower. Secondly, after we were done the friendship flowers we planted seeds like squash, sunflower, zucchini, and lavender in a cup so we could see them grow. Some of our seeds survived and some didn't because we gave them too much water so they drowned. Then we learned some things about roots and seeds. Thirdly, we took our planted seeds outside and put them in the soil with other plants like tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and others. Overall, planting seeds in our classroom was fun and after two months or so they are going to grow big enough to eat. I can't wait to come back next year to see how big they grow! 

Community Garden - Kelly Lee
One day, we did special things in our E.L.L. class before summer vacation. First we made our own friendship flowers and we wrote what we liked about our classmates or friends on petals of our paper flowers. My flower had eight petals and my friends filled out the petals and I wrote something on some of my classmates flowers. It was really fun when I read what my classmates wrote down on my friendship flower. Afterwards, we planted some seeds in plastic cups with soil and paper towels. Our teacher had many types of seeds such as cucumber, squash, sunflower, etc. Most of my classmates chose cucumber seeds. I planted buttercup squash because many people already chose cucumber and I didn't want to plant the same as them. Actually, I like buttercup squash anyways. We learnt a few things about seeds and roots, like is a carrot a root or a fruit? Next, we planted our seeds in clear plastic cups so we could see them grow. We observed our seeds everyday and gave them water. When our plants got big enough, we took them outside and planted them in the community garden that is in front of our school. Unfortunately, some of our plants didn't survive because we gave them too much water. Owners of the dead plants planted new seeds in the community garden. Overall, we are taking care of our plants everyday and we were happy when we could see our plants grow bigger and bigger. I had a really good experience here. I'll never forget this memory. 

Community Garden - Steve Yang
There is a community garden in our school. It is a small place, but it is an interesting place for us. First, my teacher gave us a plant and a bottle, and we put some paper in it. Then we put some water and soil in it. It was exciting for everyone. After about three weeks, my classmates and I went to the community garden and we put our plants in the soil. Some of my friends' plants sprouted, but my plant did not sprout. In the community garden, I learned a lot of information about plants. After this, we went to the garden once every two days, and I worked with my classmates. It was interesting for me. Lastly, we helped our teacher pull out some vegetables. They were not our plants but we helped her anyways. I enjoy the community garden, it is a great place for me.  

Community Garden - Yutong Gao
At our school, we made a community garden. We made our own special friendship flowers in the classroom and planted some plants in the garden. At first, we made the friendship flowers with papers. In addition, we wrote what we liked about our classmates and friends. We spent more time on our real garden than these flowers because the plants needed us to take care of them and make them grow. At the beginning, we learned a few things about plants. Then we planted our seeds that we had chosen in a clear plastic cup so that we could see how our seeds grow. We watered our plants and watched them grow everyday. When our plants got big enough, we took them outside in the community garden but some of them did not survive because we gave them too much water. In summary, we were very happy that we made a beautiful community garden.



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